Annie and Brigit in 2015
Press photo of Brigit, Ted Richards and Annie at concert of Annie’s songs in Leeds
‘Heartime’ Cello composition by Brigit – for the stage play ‘Heartime’ by Zoe Mills, going into production early 2017
Brigit in The Cello and The Nightingale
Brigit playing the celebrated cellist Beatrice Harrison in ‘The Cello and The Nightingale’
Jerusalem North
Brigit playing in the production of ‘Jerusalem North’
Angel of the North
Angel of the North
‘Time’ – songs & cello pieces recorded by Brigit
Moving Too Fast
‘Love is a memory, That covers the earth, A song for all, Who wish to hear, Who wish to hear…’ Album ‘Moving Too Fast’ by Annie Raitt, produced by Ian Matheson,  engineered by Murray Johnston
Annie performing with David Threlfall in Pete Atkin’s A&R (RSC, Warehouse)
Annie on stage at Theatre-in–the–Round with Jeff Parton & Gillie Brown
The Knotty
Annie with Jeff Parton recording songs from the production of the ‘Knotty’
Edinburgh Festival
Publicity shot for Edinburgh Festival concerts with Matt MacGinn
Singing For Supper
Singing for supper in an Edinburgh café